A non-Christian book about an Amazingly Good Man

Garth Stein

The Art of Racing in the Rain, a novel
Garth Stein
Bright White Light LLP ©2008
Harper Collins Publishers
ISBN 978-0-06-153796-7 (ppbk), 325 pp

Enzo the dog understands English nearly perfectly and wants two things in what he hopes will be his next life–to have thumbs and to be a man. Meanwhile he lovingly cares for Denny, an endurance racing driver. Later, Enzo protects Denny’s wife Eve, and most of all, their daughter Zoe.

Denny wins races, especially in the rain, because he studies, thinks and plans strategies. He falls for Eve and in spite of her parents’objections, they marry.

Eve contracts cancer and her parents insist on caring for her and for Zoe. Eventually Eve’s parents rob Denny of everything—his job, his family, his home and his reputation. They sue for full custody of Zoe.

Denny’s responses are awesome. He never lets go of his integrity, wisdom or right living. What he did will impress every reader.

The ending is so satisfying to this difficult-to-put down story.

This book has over 3,000 reviews on amazon.com


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