Love No Matter What

_225_350_Book_805_acoverimages Kristian Anderson
Kristian Anderson

Days Like These
Even in the Darkest Moments,
Light Can Shine Through
Kristian Anderson with Rachel Anderson©2012
Zondervan Publishers
ISBN 978-0-310-32583-3 (Hdbk)
193 pp.

Reviewing a poorly written book wastes my time so I seldom bother. Therefore, 99.9% of the reviews I post on-line represent worthwhile books. However, maybe once every year or two a book comes along that far outshines others. Days Like These is one of those exceptional volumes.

I relate personally to this story because of similar experiences. Kristian Anderson was a 35 year old Australian blogger fighting colon cancer. Hundreds of thousands read his blog, heard of his love for his wife and his expressions of faith in God.

Even Oprah invited him to share on her show. Other unusual events happened for this family during the battle with cancer.

Other cancer patients will relate to deeply to Kristian’s writing. His story will help family and friends gain a necessary understanding about the thinking and emotions of cancer patients. For example, Kristian sometimes felt like Jekyll and Hyde, wanting to remain kind and loving, but failing.

The author doesn’t answer certain questions–like why some promises from God he believed didn’t happen.

Do we sometimes decide God intends certain Bible promises to be true in our lives, without specifically hearing that God means the promise for US? We assume things God didn’t personally say because that’s what we want so desperately. God’s plans may be far different and greater.

The ending of Days Like These is sad, sweet and unforgettable. The impact of Kristian’s life story on people around the world is huge and immeasurable.


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