Help For Parents When Kids May Choose Unwisely

_233_380_Book_800_coverBrenda Garrisonna
Brenda Garrison

Love No Matter What
WhenYour Kids Make Decisions You DON’T Agree With
Brenda Garrison ©2013 (with her daughter, Katie)
Thomas Nelson Publishers
ISBN 978-0-8499-4741-4 (trade paper)
177 pp. plus appendices (Discussion and reading questions, resources, notes)

An author and busy speaker, Garrison writes of the types of decisions parents and their offspring disagree about, rightly or not. She discusses common mistakes parents make, the enemy’s lies to parents, practical ways to build relationships with your kids, and various other topics. She includes her daughter’s viewpoints on issues they disagreed on, as well as stories from other parents whose children made unhealthy decisions. The writer helps parents set important Godly boundaries while still showing love.

Garrison knows that parents can do everything right and their children still go astray. Some of the battleground decisions included moving out of the home with no means of support, quitting college, dating and living with or marrying the wrong person, drug and alcohol abuse, illegal behaviors, and choosing a gay lifestyle.

In an appendix, Garrison relates the long-term results of the situations other parents and their children shared with her for this book. She gives clear, reasonable, biblical advice. A well-written, sensible volume that can help many families.


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