When a Man Feels Mixed-Up


The Sky Beneath My Feet
Lisa Samson ©2013
Thomas Nelson Publishers
ISBN 978-1-59554-545-9 (ppbk)
307 pp. plus readers guide

Beth and her husband, Rick have grown apart since his appointment as Men’s Pastor at their church. Beth wonders what her life’s purpose is.
Rick receives a month’s vacation and Beth’s friend gives them a key to a beach cottage in Florida. Instead of time with the family, Rick holes up in a shed in the back yard “to hear from God” about a new job in Virginia. He stays day and night, not communicating with anyone except briefly for Eli’s sixteenth birthday. Jed falls for an apparent street girl who formerly attended their church
Beth feels abandoned, especially when Eli is caught smoking pot. Her knack for finding unusual people takes her far from her comfort zone to a peace demonstration in Washington, D.C. Her adventure with her brother Gregory is even stranger.
Beth and her friend Holly finally drive to the Florida beach cottage. There, Beth find a patch of blue sky she’d searched for years ago. She realizes what she needs and this affects the entire family, their friends and the church.
A well-written story with characters readers can care about, although sometimes Beth’s search feels a bit confusing. The ending is satisfying and fun.


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I read my first book a week after beginning first grade and haven't slowed down in seventy years. My system often wakes me in the night so I keep books on a chair in the bathroom and do a LOT of reading. I'm a free-lance writer/editor and review books for various authors as well as Thomas Nelson Publishers and Amazon.com. I will soon be posting books for a blog tour by KathyWillis.com, a book promoter.
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