Rubart’s most imaginative novel yet

 In the scriptures, certain people (ie, Phillip, Jesus, Elijah) were suddenly found in different places than when last seen. And the Spirit of God can live within human souls. The Bible also teaches that one day we will all be one body joined together.

Employing these and other scriptural principles, Rubart’s imagination has created his most unusual novel yet. He writes about four people being called and trained to, with permission, enter others souls and bring healing and deliverance from evil. However, the undertaking is dangerous and has consequences.

 The story involves Reese Roth who suffered greatly because he ignored the dangers. Even after twenty years, he doesn’t feel forgiven. However, now Reese feels pushed by God to train others to battle for souls. Three people, Brandon  Scott, Dana Raine and Marcus Amber, unsure but feeling God’s leading, slowly learn the processes and are involved in increasingly amazing adventures. But this team was supposed to include a fourth person. Who?

 As usual with Rubart’s writing, this novel will captivate readers from page one and keep them reading avidly. If we accept that our soul is as large as our imaginations we’ll fully enjoy this story and maybe understand new truths about the supernatural realm.

Cover picture of book souls_gate by James Rubart

Souls Gate by James Rubart


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