Survive in a World That’s Falling Apart

  • Globe Quake
  • Living in the Unshakeable Kingdom While the World Falls Apart
  • Wallace Henley ©2012
  • Thomas Nelson Publishers
  • ISBN 978-1-59555-501-4
  • 256 pp. ppbk. Plus notes and index

  In a world where so many things are falling apart, Globe Quake offers hope for a safe life and success in our endeavors. Henley covers areas of business and the marketplace, government, education, the family, the church and how to be a stable person in an unstable world.

 The writing is well-reasoned and practical. Henley occasionally includes brief anecdotes and historical notes. He explains clearly and truthfully why and how the world became such a mess. Some people won’t agree with this author’s concepts, but humans can never change certain things even if they think the ideas are foolish. This includes the reality of God and His laws, as well as His love.

 The author gives clear points for stable, productive living in personal and family lives, businesses and relationships. Globe Quake is one book that everyone should read and soon, considering the precarious state of the present world.

 The author has extensive and diverse experiences in leadership that includes consulting for government agencies and churches. He’s worked in more than twenty countries and has been a White House Aide, a congressional chief of staff and a pastor. He’s written more than twenty books and is known for keen insight into popular culture and biblical wisdom.

Picture of Book_cover, Globe Quake by Wallace Henley

Globe Quake by Wallace Henley

Where to Order this book: Thomas Nelson Publishers Picture of author Wallace Henley


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