Another Exciting Davis Bunn Winner about World Issues

  • Hidden in Dreams, A novel
  • Davis Bunn ©2012
  • Howard Books
  • ISBN 978-1-4165-5672-5
  • Ppk. 235 pp. plus reading group guide

 Dr. Elena Burroughs, world-renowned dream expert, is now teaching at a Florida college, a welcome respite from her past year of overwhelming difficulties. Then a late friend Miriam’s sister, Rachel arrives with a plea for Elena to help a man having dreadful dreams that may impact the launch of Rachel’s project, a new medicine for ADHD.

 Soon news arrives from around the world of unrelated people with a similar dream. And then Elena herself experiences the frightening nightmare. The dream warns of world financial catastrophe and Elena is engaged by Rachel’s company to help people survive. Complications cascade into hers and other lives.

  At the point where readers may feel convinced the entire world is doomed, Elena discovers something readers will never expect. I’m so excited about that part of the book I’m tempted to reveal this fascinating event. But that would spoil the story for readers.

  However, know this book will keep you immersed in the suspense, the unusual events and a dangerous but satisfying ending, including some romance.

 Hidden in Dreams is the second volume of this series, but reads well as a stand-alone novel.

  I was given this book free by Howard Books, with no restrictions on or requirements about what I wrote.

Cover picture of novel by Davis Bunn, Hidden in Dreams

Howard Books, Division of Simon Schuster Where to buy this book

Davis Bunn Picture

Davis Bunn Picture


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