Information for the War between God and Atheists

  • A Shot of Faith (to the head)
  • Be a confident believer in the age of cranky atheists
  • Mitch Stokes, PhD ©2012
  • Thomas Nelson Publishers
  • ISBN  978-1-5955-54345
  • 22 pp. plus notes and index (ppbk)

 Mitch Stokes, with touches of luscious humor, shows us how to reason like a philosopher and scientist. He points out the logic mistakes of atheists and offers true arguments for the existence of God.

 This book won’t convince atheists because, as Dr. Stokes explains, their cognitive faculties are too sin-damaged to let them see clearly. As scripture says, the things of God are foolishness to spiritually blind people.

 This book will strengthen believers who may be unsure, after the highly vocal blasts from misguided and arrogant men who are determined to destroy faith. Too many people are unaware that atheistic philosophy is inconsistent and unworkable, although popular.

 One atheist, Christopher Hutchins, died in 2011 and now knows the truth about God. This book will help readers not be deceived and end up alongside Hutchins’ ilk, a place of no escape.

 God’s Truth is knowable, logical and irrefutable, as Dr. Stokes clearly shows. Proverbs 17:27b says…a man of understanding is of a calm spirit (NKJV.) Be that person who calmly understands the truth about God versus atheism.

 Where to Find this book 

Cover of book A Shot of Faith to the Head
A Shot of Faith to the Head



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