Plan Ahead for a Book About Emergency Room Experiences

 Emergency room accounts always interest people, not only for the patients involved but also for the successful treatments (and sometimes not successful.) However, not all hurting people in ER’s are patients. Some are employees.

With sympathy and concern Dr. Lesslie brings stories of his work alive for readers. As a former ER RN, I believe his attitude as well as his skill helped the people he saw during their treatments and recovery.

 The book also contains a mystery about who is stealing drugs from the ER supplies. A young hospital administrator is sure he knows the thief. His actions impact the efficiency of the ER functioning and cause misery for some of the staff. We wonder if this man will be stopped in his unwise accusations.

 This Book will be available Oct. 1, 2012, from Harvest House Publishers


Cover of a book about Emergency Room life
Angels on the Nightshift

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I read my first book a week after beginning first grade and haven't slowed down in seventy years. My system often wakes me in the night so I keep books on a chair in the bathroom and do a LOT of reading. I'm a free-lance writer/editor and review books for various authors as well as Thomas Nelson Publishers and I will soon be posting books for a blog tour by, a book promoter.
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