Be inspired by This Author to Do Far More Than You Think

  • By Faith, Not By Sight
  • Scott MacIntryre© 2012 with Jennifer Schuchmann
  • Thomas Nelson Publishers  (Where to Find This Book)
  • ISBN 978-0-8499-4721-6 (Hdcover)
  • 270 pp. and pictures

  Scott MacIntyre’s parents never told their young son, born blind, he couldn’t live like sighted children. They taught him to swim and ride a two-wheeler.  They also taught him advanced orientation and mobilization to travel anywhere. His younger brother, Todd, helped Scott memorize paths he needed.

 Aged three Scott began playing the piano and performed professionally at five. He graduated at the top of his high school class and won Marshall Scholar and Fullbright scholarships to CambridgeUniversity in England. Shortly before Scott left, doctors discovered his kidneys were failing.

 In London Scott navigated around the city and the campus of Royal College of Music for a year of study. Then he needed kidney dialysis until Patricia Cosand, wife of a former music teacher, donated him a kidney.

 Scott’s sister, Katelyn, also born blind, later developed kidney failure. Before her transplant, Scott, Katelyn, Todd and their mother toured as a singing group. They won an International competition for disabled musicians and performed at Kennedy Center. For winning a scholarship they met Laura Bush in the White House.

 After his kidney transplant, Scott was an American Idol finalist and toured with American Idol Live. He’s produced CD’s of his own compositions.

He accomplishes his goals by deciding what he wants, facing fears and stepping out in faith.

 Scott believes he was born to show people that they can do more than they believe possible. He finds joy in little things as a way to deal with the big picture his problems present and always feels God with him.

  By Faith Not By Sight is an unforgettable account of a productive, satisfying life that will encourage everyone.

By Faith Not By Sight book by blind musician Scott MacIntyre

By Faith Not By Sight


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