A Helpful, Important Book about Christ’s Teachings

  • 1000 Days, The Ministry of Christ
  • Jonathan Falwell ©2012
  • Thomas Nelson Publishers
  • ISBN 978-0-8499-4808-4 (Hdbk)
  • 174 pp. plus notes, Bible study guides and bibliographical references
  •          Falwell notes that Jesus’ ministry during only three years of teaching and healing has impacted generations, an amazingly brief time to complete such an important task.    
  •           The author presents some new ideas about Christ’s life, retelling familiar truths with a clarity that encourages and enlightens readers. An important addition to Bible information, this book can benefit everyone.

           Falwell discusses fourteen events, how Jesus handled them and what each one means for our lives. These events include Jesus calling four fishermen, his baptism and temptations, his prayers for us and a full meaning of Christ’s last words on the cross.

        This is a book well worth reading several times and studying by both new and older believers.

         Jonathan Falwell is pastor ofThomasRoadBaptistChurch, founded inLynchburg,Virginiaby his late father, Jerry Falwell.

Cover of book !000 Days, the Ministry of Christ by Jonathan Falwell

1000 Days by Jonathan Falwell


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