A Story with a True Theme and Warning to America

  • The Harbinger
  • An Ancient Mystery that holds the Secret of America’s Future
  • Jonathan Cahn ©2011
  • Charisma Media Group/Charisma House Book Group
  • LakeMary. FL 32746
  • ISBN 978-1-61638-610-8 (ppbk) (also e-book)
  • 253 pp. plus notes

 In Old Testament times God sent prophets to warn the Israelites of coming destruction because they failed to obey and honor God. Often, the signs to the prophets were ordinary-seeming items and events.

 In The Harbinger, a similar pattern exists. A young man, Noriel Kaplan regularly and unexpectedly meets a stranger who never reveals his name, but at those meetings gives Noriel metal seals (nine in all) and a message forAmerica. Noriel relates his strange story to a journalist, Ana Goren who advises him to present his experiences as a novel. 

 Noriel eventually relates each seal and Isaiah 9:10 to actions and speeches that happened in theUSA, particularly beginning with 9/11. These speeches and eventa are  documented in the end notes as to when and where each actually happened, although the individuals involved had no idea they were prophesying according to God’s words.

 The crux is that God has removed His hedge of protection from theUSA because of our sins. But if we truly repent (even believers have issues requiring repentance) God may still restore us to the greatness we’ve had as a nation.

 The other choice for America is increasing hardships and destruction as warnings that we need to change. Every Christian should read The Harbinger, discuss the book with others, pray about the prophecies and warn our leaders. Although presented in story form, the book is fully believable and true.

 Where to find this book Charisma House Book GRoup

Cover picture of book The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn

The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn


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2 Responses to A Story with a True Theme and Warning to America

  1. Robin Illers says:

    The book may be sounding a wake up call for America. I’m grateful for your review.

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