Your Cravings are Normal but Deeper Than You May See

Marilyn Meberg, trained in psychology, presents a positive view of our inner cravings. She says they are normal but can be out-of-control. For example, we crave excitement and variety that may push us into extreme pursuits. She explains the deeper source of over a dozen cravings and the importance of understanding their true purpose.

The craving for romance is a two-step process. When first stage highs wind down people may rush into a different relationship, not realizing they could enter stage two, the lasting love they actually desire.

We crave more from marriage because we long for the cradle when someone met all our needs. We may slowly realize other humans are not capable of meeting every yearning we have. This craving is also a desire for God, who can and wants to meet all our needs.

We long for contentment, happiness, friendships, more time and more meaning in our lives. Meberg’s approach to these and other cravings is encouraging and informative.

She points out one negative craving, the desire for revenge and offers help to deal rightly with that issue.

Meberg is a much-published writer and a speaker at Women of Faith conferences. In Constantly Craving, she often shares personal anecdotes and writes profound ideas worth remembering.

Thomas Nelson Publishers Inc. Where to find this book.

Book cover, Constantly Cravinb by Marilyn Meberg

Constantly Craving by Marilyn Meberg


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