Contitutional Law, our Founding Principles and Present Dangers


Constitution of the United States of America
Constitution of the United States of America (Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives)


  • The Divine and Natural Connection Between the
  • Declaration ofIndependenceand the Constitution and
  • What We Risk by Losing it.
  • Larry P. Arnn © 2012
  • Thomas Nelson Publishers
  • ISBN 978-1-59555-472-7
  • With Notes, Appendices and Suggested FurtherReading

 Dr. Arnn discusses why the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution do not contradict each other as progressives, academics and journalists claim.

 Our system of checks and balances by the three branches of our government, were designed to prevent the abuses of power that fostered the Revolutionary War. However, our government now has a fourth branch, the Administrative branch. Some present day leaders want to change the Constitution because this Administrative branch is not authorized under our Constitutional system.

 This huge Administrative bureaucracy is a source of our nation’s out-of-control spending, loss of freedoms and loss of control by we the people. Consequences will increase if we the people do not regain the representative government our founders created.

 The author reminds us that we the people were intended to control the government as well as the government control certain human behaviors. At present we have no real control over the fourth branch, the Administrative system. This branch makes laws (regulations), supplanting the role of Congress. This branch administers penalties (fines) the function of the judicial branch.

 Our Declaration and Constitution are unique in world history. Larry Arnn’s arguments for not changing these documents are well reasoned, fully researched and corroborated by our Founders writings.

 The last half of this book contains copies of the Declaration, Constitution and various Federalists papers documenting the truths Dr. Arnn presents.

 Dr. Arnn, the President of Hillsdale College, teaches history, the Constitution and other classes. He has been published multiple times.

 HillsdaleCollegeregularly supports educational lectures and seminars on national and world problems, and refuses government funding.

cover of The Founders' Key by Larry Arnn

The Founders' Key by Larry Arnn

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