William Tyndale, Bible Translator into Everyday English

  • Tyndale
  • The Man Who Gave God an English Voice
  • David Teems © 2012
  • Thomas Nelson Publishers, Inc.
  • ISBN 978-1-59555-221-1
  • 263 pp. plus notes, appendices, bibliography (ppbk)

 David Weems book reveals the heart of a 16th century man worth following even today. Although little is known about Tyndale’s home and daily life, Weems gives a clear picture of the man’s character from his publications and letters.

The author also portrays this godly man from the writings of those who often confiscated Tyndale’s works, burned them and labeled him a heretic they longed to burn. However, several church authorities communicated with Tyndale, trying to refute what this translator believed.

Tyndale knew eight languages and was careful to seek exact words in his translations. He regularly revised his versions when he discovered clearer words. He wrote for the common people and to this day the poetry of his writing influences many of our Bibles and religious concepts.

Sir Thomas More especially hated this highly intelligent and educated man who added hundreds of words to the English language, many that we still use. Sadly, Thomas More eventually earned the wrath of authorities.

Tyndale’s life sounds similar to Jesus’ days on earth, although this humble Englishman probably wouldn’t agree. He had his Judas and we wonder how he was so naïve to befriend this particular man.

The history and times of an unusual and important man, Tyndal’s biography by David Weems is like a well-seasoned meal, full of beauty and flavor.

book cover about William Tyndale
William Tyndale, Translator into everyday English

Where to Buy this book :Thomas Nelson Publishers


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