Pearl Harbor, The Infamous Day that Changed America Forever

  • December, 1941

  • 31 Days That Changed America
  • And Saved the World
  • Craig Shirley © 2011
  • Thomas Nelson Publishers
  • ISBN 978-1-59555-457-4
  • 544 pp. plus Noted (Hdbk)

 Only a skilled writer and researcher could pen so many pages that enthrall readers. With information from hundreds of sources, Craig Shirley relates events of the six days before and the three weeks following Japan’s unexpected bombing of Pearl Harbor.

            A major question was “How did Japan destroy so many ships, airplanes and lives without anyone suspecting in advance the terrible attacks?” Mr. Shirley tells of every day lives, political and historical events, and world leaders’ actions.

Pearl Harbor galvanized intense patriotism among Americans. So many men and women volunteered to fight that military recruiters could barely process the applications. Thousands of women volunteered to fight or supported military personnel. Many women took over men’s jobs manufacturing war materials or in political offices.

            For months Japan whipped Allied forces and relentlessly advanced throughout the Pacific area. Americans quickly produced battle equipment and few doubted we’d defeat the enemy. But no one realized how long and disastrous the fighting would be.

American culture changed forever as a result of Pearl Harbor. This attack and the war resulted in the USA becoming a super power in the world. Our politics also changed. This book tells younger readers about life in 1941. Older people will remember those days. December 1941 is well worth the hours of reading.

A decorated former contact agent for the CIA, Mr. Shirley has written best-sellers. A sought-after speaker and commentator, he writes for major newspapers and magazines.

Cover of book December 1941
December 1941 by Claude Shirley Where to buy this book


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2 Responses to Pearl Harbor, The Infamous Day that Changed America Forever

  1. Thanks for that. Great information.

  2. Not to mention the pretext provided for a German invasion which would have tied up Allied forces quite severely.

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