Spiritual warfare for Christians

  • Spiritual Warfare

  • Is Not a Game
  • Learning how to war safely from the Spiritual Realm
  • Wanda Fisher © 2011
  • ISBN 978-1-933150-20-8
  • 151 pp. plus appendices (ppbk)
  • Wanda Fisher Publisher
  • 334 Van Duyn
  • Eugene,OR97401

 Based on her many years as a pastor and counselor, Mrs. Fisher has written an important, well-balanced and meaty book about the overcoming enemy of our souls.

We don’t need to fear the devil and his demons because God has given us authority over evil beings. They must obey us unless they have a basis for ownership in our inner lives. But believers must know that demons are more abundant and present than many people realize and need to learn their strategies, for effective defense.

God wants us to truly abide in Him and find freedom from attacks by our enemy. When we believers know that still, small voice of the Holy Spirit for clear directions in daily walking, God teaches us to pray effectively and prepares us to help others.

This author relates her journey in learning four main principles to teach people so they can hear from and obey God and become useful for His kingdom- -forgiveness, repentance, restitution and deliverance. She includes several lists of the most common types of demonic bondages. She discusses traumas that can be an opening for demonic oppression, especially in childhood.

Fisher gives interesting illustrations of God’s methods for growth in our relationship with Him. She encourages us as believers to live in the measure of faith we possess for each stage of our spiritual journeys.

            Every believer could benefit from this book.

Cover picture of Spiritual Warfare book by Wanda Fisher

Spiritual Warfare by Wanda Fisher

Picture of author Wanda Fisher
Wanda Fisher 334 Van Duyn Eugene, OR 97401

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3 Responses to Spiritual warfare for Christians

  1. Judith Robl says:

    This is an important concept. Every believer needs to be better versed in spiritual warfare.

  2. Constance says:

    Having experienced, but rarely talk specifically about demons and spiritual warfare. I am interested in reading this brave woman’s book. Besides as an RN here in Oregon, I just gotta support Wanda, although we’ve never meet.
    As a Christian writer, the evil one or as a friend calls him, “old hairy legs” tries often to distract me from what the Lord has for me to write. Satan never wins so why hasn’t he figured out I’m not his to claim. Yep, pretty stupid.

  3. Luke says:

    I think this is interesting and do not see posted often. This is great information.

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