The Hazards of Christianity without Christ, a novel

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    Cover of Novel by Douglad Coupland, Hey Nostradamus
    Hey Nostradamus by Douglas Coupland

    Hey, Nostradamus, a novel

  • DouglasCoupland © 2003
  • BloomsburyPublisher, NY
  • ISBN 1-58234-358-6
  • 244 pp. (Hdbk)

 Cheryl and Jason, in order to remain faithful to God, delay sex until they are secretly married at age seventeen. Their church youth group condemns the two, believing they are fornicating. Then Cheryl is killed during a massacre at their school and dies in Jason’s arms. For about two weeks, Jason is blamed for the school shootings. Although he is found innocent by the police, many people still believe he is guilty.

The first part of this novel is penned by Cheryl after she dies, trying to understand her life, God, death, her marriage and other issues.

Jason’s story takes place ten years later when he struggles with his life. He’s never recovered from losing Cheryl, his terrible relationship with his parents or his loss of faith. Cheryl’s parents and brother write to Jason about their remorse from losing Cheryl. The three letters contain widely differing accounts of their lives at the time of the massacre and now.

Part three, by Heather, tells of her relationship with Jason and having to deal with his sudden disappearance. Part four is from the viewpoint of Jason’s father, Reg, who had been a hypocritical, legalistic religious nutcase. He becomes a likeable person finally.

The characters seem alive and easy to care about. They face battles every human feels. Their actions and how they do or don’t resolve issues keeps readers intrigued.

 The story gently condemns fake Christianity instead of the real relationship with Jesus that keeps us loving God and others. If you appreciate Christian novels that are well-crafted, you’ll enjoy this story. 


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  1. Judith Robl says:

    What an interesting concept!

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