Is Our Government Ignoring Our US Constitution?

  • It Is Dangerous to BE RIGHT When the GOVERNMENT IS WRONG
    The Case for Personal Freedom
  • Judge Andrew P. Napolitano © 2011
  • Thomas Nelson Publishers
  • ISBN 978-1-59555-350-8 (Hdbk)
  • 264 pp. plus notes and index
  •  Judge Napolitano divides politicians into Libertarians who believe in limited government that follows the US Constitution and Progressives who do not honor the Constitution. He says Progressives do what governments always do—greedily increase their power at the cost of individual freedoms. 

   Napolitano discusses ‘natural laws’ that apply to every human. He teaches much about our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and laws. He also lists many ways our constitution has been ignored and American freedoms lost.

Much of Napolitano’s writing sounds accurate. But sometimes he seems ignorant about problems that necessitate laws and limits on freedom of choice. Individuals and companies may not change without the force of laws. That’s human nature. He also doesn’t understand or accept God’s laws and says things like prostitution should be fully allowed because it’s a ‘victimless’ action. Phooey! Tell that to the nineteen-year-old prostitute whom I met in the ER where I worked after she tried to committ suicide to escape prostitution.

Another example: Napolitano believes pornography should never be controlled–that interferes with our right to choose our behaviors. In my work as a licensed professional Psychiatric RN I saw porno harm families, especially children. Youngsters can’t choose wisely to ignore porno at home or on a computer.

This judge is against outlawing the right to talk on cell phones while driving. I once stood at an intersection and saw three drivers on cell phones run red lights. They never realized other drivers slammed on their brakes and averted accidents. These cars might have careened into me. Judge Napolitano apparently doesn’t understand human attention-deficits. Humans do not always choose rightly even if natural law says they can.

This author does acknowledge that when one person’s natural rights causes harm to others, laws may be needed.

Many Federal laws needlessly limit freedom. Do Progressives believe people are too stupid to ever think and act without their laws? Or is the real problem Progressive governments’ greed for more power? Where to buy this book

Cover of book by Andrew Napolitano
Book by Andrew Napolitano

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3 Responses to Is Our Government Ignoring Our US Constitution?

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  2. mercadee says:

    “Keep liberty free” and stand up for your countries constitutional rights. One fact I see missing is that they say you are cheating you state and city out of government funds (our tax dollars). And I say that is the point — I do not want my state or city dependent on big government this is socialism and pork barrel out of control government spending.

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