Extreme World Poverty CAN Be Eradicated

  • Fast Living
  • How the Church Will End Extreme Poverty
  • Scott C. Todd, PhD
  • © 2011 by Compassion, International
  • Compassion International Publisher
  • ISBN 978-1-936899-00-5
  • 189 pp. plus endnotes (ppbk)

 Part 1: The Death and Resurrection of Expectations. Scott C. Todd knows we haven’t eradicated world poverty because we expect the job is too big. He quotes William Carey: Expect great things of God. Attempt great things for God. The author says low expectations are a tyranny that can be conquered.

 In the first eight chapters of this easy to read, but profound book, we read of the fast God expects of His followers and that helping the poor is a source of healing for us and our nation.

Part 2: Poverty Is Not an Unconquerable Mystery.  These five chapters discuss why kids around the world die. Church people also quote out of context what Jesus meant in Mt. 26:11, “The poor you will always have with you.”  Todd explains the verse in the context of when Jesus spoke and to whom he talked.

            In a single weekend (Black Friday of Thanksgiving, 2009) Americans spent twice what would provide clean water to every person on earth. That suggests we can end extreme world poverty if we have the right desires and attitudes.

Part 3: What Kind of People Will End Extreme Poverty?          Faith-based organizations have attacked poverty successfully for over two thousand years. The church has the resources to end poverty. We now need the will.

Part 4: The Primary Colors of Social Change.  Who are the ideal people to end poverty? Dr. Todd says moms can best spearhead that task. But we also need a strategy that involves churches, individuals, social agencies, businesses and government.

Part 5: Catalysts and Strategy. Fast living is living the fast that honors God, as written in Isaiah 58. The author mentions William Buffet and Bill Gates as examples of fast living.

We also need to involve and teach the next generation how to eradicate world poverty. By 2035, 98% of poverty could be gone.

Cover of a book named Fast Living by Scott C. Todd

Fast Living by Scott C. Todd


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2 Responses to Extreme World Poverty CAN Be Eradicated

  1. 4granted says:

    I also enjoyed this book–very inspiring and practical. I highly recommend it. While poverty and its causes are complex and multi-faceted, Fast Living helped simplify and clarify the issues for me. We can change the world, simply by choosing to obey God’s call to fast and pray (as described in Isaiah 58). There’s a helpful article inspired by the book at http://www.scribd.com/doc/62508229/The-Biggest-Barrier-to-Helping-the-Poor

  2. God calls us clearly to share our food with the hungry. To do so, we may have to sometimes go without–an ancient practice called fasting that few Christians today practice. Isaiah 58 calls us to fast so that we can help those in need, feed those who are hungry. I’m recommending this book to friends and church leaders!

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