Review of Stress-Free Believers by Harold Metzel

  • Stress-Free Believers
  • Turn Worry into Faith, Turmoil into Peace
  • Harold Metzel © 2011
  • IO Talent Believers Publishers
  • 10 Shore Lane
  • Hickory Creek,TX75065
  • ISBN 978-0-9829883-0-5
  • 188 pp. plus notes and a list of available resources (ppbk)

 Pastor Metzel’s beginning point can be life-changing—to realize that we own nothing. Everything on earth belongs to God. We are on earth to manage God’s property.

However, scripture also says we’re on earth to glorify God, often in various ways.

This author gives clear perspectives on conquering stress and its effects. The volume is divided into three sections: Dethroning the Stress Bully, God’s Role and The Believers Role. Metzel states stress can be brutal and affect our faith but is not the same thing as our problems. We must separate the problems from the stresses that prevent us from thinking through to solutions. But be aware that stress, if chased away, like a true bully will always try to return.

I wonder about one of Metzel’s points. He says we make decisions and then seems to indicate that we must act on them. To choose is a human necessity, but we don’t often have the ability to act on our own. I remember a book I read years ago, “Lord, Change Me.” What a relief I felt to realize I didn’t need to change my life; I’d long before realized my inability to do so. We don’t need to depend on ourselves to complete tasks. Instead we yield to God and His strength working through us.

Jesus said “Without me you can do nothing.” Our goal as believers is to let Christ live inside us. We live by faith, not in or through faith. However, faith may begin, like for the Israelites crossing theJordan River, with the priests taking a first step into the water.

Metzel does point out that God promises to supply everything we need.

A former pastor, missionary,BibleCollegepresident and VP of a large charitable foundation, Metzel coaches churches and individuals on being stewards of God’s world. 

This book is well worth studying although I differ slightly from him on some points.



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