Biography of an Outstanding African-American

 The son of a murdered slave woman and raised by her white owners, George Washington Carver earnestly sought education first for himself and then for other African Americans. A man talented in many areas, such as art, music and public speaking, he taught botany, agriculture and Bible most of his adult life. His deepest desire–to help African Americans become self-sufficient and to rise above poverty and ignorance. He was always hard-working, with a never-ending curiosity and strong observational skills.

Often facing prejudice, Carver responded with gentleness and without retaliation. He never failed to credit God with showing him how to discover and create new products from common items. In his years of research he discovered hundreds of uses for many kinds of plants and soils, although best known for finding hundreds of uses for peanuts. However, his greatest gift was to give hope to a generation of young African-Americans and to farmers and poor people, both black and white.

Carver became one of the most respected men in North America and Europe for his teaching, research and caring personality. Many famous people called him friend. In later years he won many important honors and traveled often, speaking to large groups.

Sadly, George Washington Carver isn’t well-known to present day America. A pioneer in working toward equality for all, he’s overshadowed by later African-Americans. They’ve become more famous, although their methods are far different than his gentle ways. He truly deserves life-long fame and respect.

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