Don’t Be Put Off By The Many Pages

 My first thought on receiving this book: FOUR HUNDRED and TWENTY PAGES of story plus all those definitions! But the writing pulled me in and the story moved so quickly the book seemed too short. My interest never lagged.

The authors recommend reading the definitions before starting the story. That grounds the tale in reality and makes the book more understandable, especially since many of the definitions are about actual events and organizations from our present time. The writers blended these into a story set in 2048, when the world faces total destruction.

Eight people, four on each of two teams, all born at the exact same moment in 2012 will either save Christians from around the world, or destroy everything. The President of theUnited Statesheads up the destructive team, determined to stop the righteous group. Which team will win? That question will keep you on the edge of your seat as the tale progresses.

The inability of the evil team (except for one surprise) to grasp what is happening in the world, that true blindness of unbelievers the Bible mentions, nevertheless is astounding. While reading, I wondered if this team might finally learn the truth—they came close at times. The writers keep readers in finger-nail biting moments, sure disaster will hit everyone.

A book well worth the many pages.

Book: The Seraph Seal by Sweet and Wagner
The Seraph Seal Fiction


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I read my first book a week after beginning first grade and haven't slowed down in seventy years. My system often wakes me in the night so I keep books on a chair in the bathroom and do a LOT of reading. I'm a free-lance writer/editor and review books for various authors as well as Thomas Nelson Publishers and I will soon be posting books for a blog tour by, a book promoter.
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