How to Run a Business for True Success

A wealth of wisdom exists in the pages of this short volume. Theodore Malloch writes of virtues that CEO’s and businesses need. He gives examples of existing companies that function based on faith, hope and charity for their success.  The author labels the use of these virtues as Spiritual Enterprise. He believes faith starts with a personal relationship with and dependence upon God.

The values that spring from faith are listed as hard virtues or soft virtues. The hard ones are leadership, courage, patience, perseverance and discipline. His soft virtues are justice, forgiveness, compassion, humility and gratitude. Dr. Malloch says every company needs to practice all of these virtues.

He also discusses the value of capitalism and addresses three skeptics of that economical model. One chapter looks at the value of Spiritual Enterprise on a global scale.

This author cites an example of businesses that ignore spiritual enterprise, a sad commentary. An appendix lists companies that started and portray spiritual enterprise through the use of virtues.

Dr. Malloch is CEO of the Roosevelt Group, a strategy firm and is a research professor at Yale University. He has held an ambassadorial level position at the United Nations, and senior policy positions at the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and the U.S. Department of State.

Cover of a business book about virtues

Running an honest business for true success


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