A Somewhat Disappointing Book

  • Heaven Revealed
  • What is it like? What will we do? And 11 other things you’ve wondered about.
  • Paul Enns © 2011
  • Moody Publishers, Chicago
  • ISBN 978-0-8024-4982-5 (Pbk.)
  • 187 pp. plus notes and selected bibliography

Pastor Enns gives several meanings of how heaven is used in the Bible. His subject is important which makes the book worth reading in spite of some problems. He quotes scriptures but uses the same verses several times for different points. That may not be fully accurate.

Enns tells how we transition to heaven. We are reminded that followers of Jesus never need fear what we perceive as death, the gateway to that everlasting kingdom. This author expresses the deep joy we’ll know in heaven.

The writer discusses where heaven is and offers an idea based on assumptions about some scriptures. His chapter on the relationship of the millennium to heaven is open to debate.

He also asks what will life there be like? Ten of his eleven points are accurate, but will we really be locked into eternal youth? Even babies who die and are in heaven? The Bible says nothing about this.

Enns asks what will we do in heaven? Five of his thirteen points are surely true, based on scriptures, but the remaining sound like pleasant conjecture. I was disappointed that he doesn’t discuss Jesus’ words that in heaven we will neither marry nor be given in marriage but be like the angels.

 Enns writing becomes redundant in several places, but sometimes repetition helps us focus on and remember points.

 Wise comments by my fellow writer, Beverly Hopkins

 I finished Heaven Revealed and I agree with you that Enns is redundant with several topics, especially how we will be able to recognize those that have gone on before us.  However, I did enjoy the book.  He went into detail on scriptures describing certain aspects of heaven, and of course, his interpretation gives way to conjecture and opinion.  That is the beauty of it, because even with the elaborate descriptions he gives, we still cannot fathom the magnificence of heaven, nor the sheer ecstasy to be forever in God’s presence, serving and worshiping Him.

It is a book that I want to read again and look up all the scriptures for myself, and do an in-depth study on heaven.

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Heaven Revealed

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