Do You Know about These Funny Guys?

 (NOTE) For this review, I also accessed YouTube information. Sam C Ivy)

This biography of “The two sexiest fat men in the world” relates the lives of Rick Burgess and Bill Bussey, their start in radio and how they became famous. Their shows incorporate outlandish hi-jinks, often making fun of radio stations with stuffy formats.

Several times radio station owners and managers tried to fire the two, saying their program wasn’t sophisticated enough for big city audiences. But whenever ratings arrived, Rick and Bubba had more than all other local stations combined.

On Burgess and Bussey’s original shows they read Shakespeare with Southern accents. Soon they developed hilarious characters such as Carwash Joe, the world’s worst boss. They’ve concentrated on discussing what interests them—religion (they’re committed believers in Jesus), politics, hunting—instead of formats the stations wanted. They discovered their personal lives kept people interested, involved and laughing.   

In January 2008 Rick’s youngest child drowned in their backyard pool. After praying, the men decided to be honest and share the tragedy with their audience. This became one of their most fruitful shows in presenting God to audiences. And their loss brought Rick and his wife Sherry closer to each other, God and their four older children.

Rick and Bubba have written six other books including Rick and Bubba for President and Rick and Bubba on Marriage. The run for president started as a joke, but Bubba seriously commented on a TV talk show, “After viewing all the candidates, we’re the most qualified.” Then both men laughed loud and long. Typical of their shows!

The book on marriage is full of common sense in Rick fashion. He said, “If a couple tells me “We don’t love each other any more,” I say, “Are you still in high school and wanting your letter jacket back? Time to grow up and realize love is a choice.”

 We need more marriage counselors like these two!

Cover of book about two radio talk show hosts, Rick and Bubba



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