An Exciting and Practical book for Dreamers

  • The Me Project
  • 21 Days to Living the Life You’ve Always Wanted
  • Kathi Lipp © 2011
  • Harvest House Publishers
  • ISBN 978-0-7369-2566-0 (pbk)
  • 202 pp. plus project planner

 My first thought, on reading this title: “Oh, no, not another pop psychologyself-esteem’ tell-yourself-how-wonderful-you-are book”. Such writing is SO contrary to God’s commands to live as servants who are greatly loved by God, the source of true self-esteem.

Then I read the Table of Contents. What a pleasant surprise. Plus, every single chapter stresses, “Listen for God, hear Him and obey what He wants for your life.”

A few times in my book reviewing career, I’ve run into book about which I could not be positive. A few times, also (four to be exact) I’ve also reviewed books about which I become extra excited. Strangely, three of those books have surfaced in the last two months. And The ME Project is one of them. Not only am I reviewing this book, I am DOING what Kathi Lipp advises.

The book begins with readers planning a ‘bucket list’ of goals, fifty things we deeply desire to do. However, each item must be open to God’s directions and help. Readers also must be flexible if God changes the list.

Too often, we accomplish far less than God intends for our lives because we believe our excuses, fail to plan and fail to work our plans in logical ways. The author gives encouraging motivation and directions for becoming all God wants for us. She writes about finding time for new projects, being accountable and being aware of what can hold us back. Other issues include how to stay joyful about tasks, finding mentors and celebrating successes.

The ME Project has charts, tools and resource lists for keeping on track. Easy to read and follow, the book is a delight that can open us to richer lives.

A book about reaching our dreams

The ME Project

Kathi Lipp’s other books include The Marriage Project and The Husband Project.


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