A Startling Message for most of us

  • Sabbath
  • Dan B. Allender © 2009
  • Thomas Nelson Publishers
  • ISBN 978-0-84999-4604-2 (trade paper)
  • 194 pp. plus study guide, notes, bibliography

       The book Sabbath offers a life foreign to most of us. The writing, poetic and profound at times, rings of truth and encourages us to discover an astonishing way of living.

      God commanded a weekly Sabbath as a day of joy, freedom and abundance. He is never tired, so his ‘rest’ on the seventh day was like the Hebrew word for rest, menahu, a delight, a pleasure and especially playful exuberance.

      The Creator wants for us one day a week that’s more than a change of pace and church attendance. He planned that we experience awe and gratitude as we share his joy in creation and enjoy immeasurable fun with Him. Can we believe fun with God is possible, available and desirable?

      The author tells how to find true Sabbath celebration. He explains why we often inadvertently flee from and reject God’s actual desires for the day. We haven’t been taught that Sabbath means something far different than our usual attempts at piety.

      We don’t expect God to dance and sing with us in daily life. We often have difficulty believing God always delights in us, even when we need to repent. He longs to personally express what He especially loves about each of us. We feel guilty accepting compliments from people, much less God.

      God desires to refresh us by new and unexpected means. Allender shows why we don’t understand or practice God’s intentions for one day a week. He helps readers learn to anticipate a different kind of Sabbath even more than children anticipate Christmas.

      Sabbath is a book to read, re-read, ponder and absorb, a book to change our lives in exultant ways.

Book Sabbath by Dan Allender

Sabbath by Dan Allender


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I read my first book a week after beginning first grade and haven't slowed down in seventy years. My system often wakes me in the night so I keep books on a chair in the bathroom and do a LOT of reading. I'm a free-lance writer/editor and review books for various authors as well as Thomas Nelson Publishers and Amazon.com. I will soon be posting books for a blog tour by KathyWillis.com, a book promoter.
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One Response to A Startling Message for most of us

  1. Judith Robl says:

    In some church traditions, Sunday is called ” a holy day of obligation.” I have always thought that was off the mark. Sunday is “a day of high and holy privilege” in my estimation. The idea of abundance, pleasure and joy fit right in with high and holy privilege. What a good read that must have been. It’s now on my TBR list.

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