When Life Feels Overwhelming, Find Help

 Fisher has written a most helpful book. The many anecdotes from her thirty years as a counselor and pastor increase readability and interest.

The enemy of our souls isn’t creative and Christian counselors meet people struggling with every kind of trick Ole Slew Foot throws at folks. This author teaches readers about each one of those difficulties, the problems that all counselors become familiar with.

Mrs. Fisher offers godly, loving, workable answers. Those who can’t visit or aren’t comfortable talking with a counselor can gain important information and courage from this book.

This author rightly stresses the healing power and importance of forgiveness. The one thing I didn’t find in the book was a clear definition of forgiveness. Understanding the different meanings of the word helps us know how to forgive.

Mrs. Fisher writes about the spiritual damage from trauma that allows demons to attach to the human spirit, especially in children and others who experience fearful situations. She knows how to pray healing and deliverance for people afflicted this way.

This book joins the ranks of worthwhile, self-help volumes dealing with emotional and spiritual problems.

To order this book, please contact Mrs. Fisher at

  • Wanda Fisher
  • PO Box 71201
  • Springfield, OR 97477
  • or website. finallyfreefisher@gmail.com

    Where to order book about spiritual and emotional help

    Finally Free Available Here


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    One Response to When Life Feels Overwhelming, Find Help

    1. Judith Robl says:

      Forgiveness is being able to look at the offense for what it is,
      seeing the offender for his/her responsibility for the situation,
      and recognizing through the eyes of our Father that this offender is a beloved child who has strayed and whom He wants to bring back into the fold.

      Forgiveness is not “kiss and make up” in the most dire of circumstances. It is not “I forgive you because I’m told I must, and I just want to be obedient.”

      Forgiveness requires a change of perspective from our human finiteness to God’s infinite justice and mercy.

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