Review of The Spiritual Fitness Checkup by Dr. Sharon King


  • The Spiritual Fitness Checkup for the 50 Something Woman
  • Ten Steps Toward Midlife Spiritual Health
  • Sharon V. King, PhD © 2010
  • Healthy Life Press (
  • PO Box 642, Roseland, FL 32957-0642
  • ISBN 978-1-4536-6118-5
  • 58 pp. ppbk.

 We need regular physical check-ups, but at any age a spiritual check-up can be even more important. Dr. Sharon King gives us an interesting and helpful way to review our relationship with God.

Dr. King titled her chapters with humor, modeled after a doctor’s physical exam. Although she wrote in response to her personal ‘mid-life crisis’, we can all relate to her thoughts and plans for growth. She’s an expert in gerontology and knows how mid-life changes and decisions affect us.

This slim volume reads like a conversation with the writer. We may discover spiritual and emotional baggage that we should abandon or our need to expose ourselves more fully to God’s loving examinations. We can make sure we see Him as loving instead of stern and judgmental, or evaluate how well we hear from Him, and various other issues.

With Fifty-eight pages the book is easy to carry around and study at leisure. The Spiritual Fitness Checkup book also makes a great gift for our adult children and friends.

Picture of Dr. Sharon King, author and editor

Dr. Sharon King, PhD


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One Response to Review of The Spiritual Fitness Checkup by Dr. Sharon King

  1. Sharon King says:

    Hi, samcivy,

    I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to review my book and for your kind comments. I wanted to make the book personable and easy to read, with a touch of humor but lots of good spiritual “fiber.” I’m glad to know it accomplished most of that. Like our physical health, most of us are too busy just living to take time out to think about how we’re treating our bodies or, in this case, our spiritual selves. Of course, they’re totally linked, but we’re quick to understand the importance of good nutrition, exercise, etc. We’re less inclined to take that approach to our spirituality. We get to church, receive communion, give some money, and shake the pastor’s hand, and then off we go to get on with the “rest” of our lives. In this New Year, may we all make time for a regular “checkup” of our relationship with God. He’s more than willing to make an appointment with us!

    Sharon King

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