An often witty, sometimes profound compilation

  • Dog Tales, 2nd edition
  • Ken Rolph © 2010
  • Hexagon Press, Blacktown, Australia
  • ISBN 978-0-908063-16-1
  • 124 pp. pbk.

 Dog Tales is an eclectic output of a highly intelligent, witty Australian writer who has lived a somewhat eclectic life. Rolph’s tales reveal an observant eye on daily life that keeps readers engaged, entertained and/or educated.

His unorthodox method of saving his wife from threatening Rottweilers, I will apply if the need arises. His Pet Patting episode, easily imagined from the descriptions, left me laughing aloud, although one friend said, “The poor cat.” However, a vet visit resolved that feline’s unusual adventure. (I want to reassure readers, not reveal a realistic plot that surely could happen with school children and animals in close quarters.)

The modern parable of the tree and rock is beautiful and profound. Some pieces end with a delightful O. Henry-style punch, humor this author handles with the timing of a stand-up comedy expert.

FYI Boadicea is an ancient British queen, not a Shakespearean witch, as someone suggested. This author relates to his queen in spite of a slight age difference  (!) and his view of unexpected male/female traits. 

With poetry, humor and brief narratives, the thirty-five entries make Dog Tales a worthwhile volume for gifts and/or personal enjoyment.

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35 tales, poems, humor pieces, a profound parable

Dog Tales


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One Response to An often witty, sometimes profound compilation

  1. Judith Robl says:

    Having parried words with this author via an online writers group, I can well imagine the humor in his book, as well as his incisive analysis of the human condition. Sounds like a really good read.

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