What the World Needs and We CAN give

Mercy Rising

  • Simple Ways to Practice Justice and Compassion
  • Amber Robinson © 2010
  • Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
  • ISBN 978-08341-24979-4 (ppbk)
  • 169 pp. plus Appendices and notes

Max Lucado’s book, Out LIVE Your Life, challenges readers to live so that your life still improves the world after you die. In Mercy Rising Amber Robinson tells how to make that impact.

Best-selling author Kathleen Norris writes that God’s love in us always results in generosity and humbleness. What a fitting summary of Mercy Rising. Amber Robinson offers practical ways to express that love, ways every person can apply. She writes to women and shows how they can involve families and friends.

Author Kathleen Norris points out a malaise we suffer, a spiritual and emotional sloth that robs us of the ability to care about life or anything. Robinson gives solutions to any caring deficit and offers ways which lead to the joyful forgetting of ourselves.

The author of Mercy Rising tells how God feels about the poor. When Jesus returns He will judge sheep and goats based on how they treated needy people. Over 2500 scriptures admonish compassion and love for the unfortunate.

Amber Robinson’s important advice: Connect first to Jesus. Without Him we can do nothing of real value. Next, find and start with the one thing He wants you to do. The author lists knitting, gardening, and dozens of large and small ways as potential methods to obey God and help the poor. One example: Robinson explains how changing our shopping habits can free us to serve others. Also, living well with less can feel wonderful.

She discusses things we let hinder service–jobs, family, health, relationships, fears and other emotions–then shows that the risks of helping anyway bring a deep joy that makes serving worth the efforts.

The author quotes scriptures and personal stories from various people to emphasize her points. Mercy Rising is an inspiring, challenging and practical book.

  © Sam C. Ivy

A book about ways to serve God helping poor people

Mercy Rising by Amber Robinson


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One Response to What the World Needs and We CAN give

  1. Judith Robl says:

    Sounds interesting. And much needed.

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